Thinking Outside the BoxAt Red Ball, thinking “outside the box” is second nature. But we don’t stop there. We think about the kind of box, what’s going in the box, and what’s on the box, examining every aspect of your project to create effective pieces that stand out, promote your brand and deliver your message. We believe the packaging can be just as important as the contents when delivering a memorable message — and sometimes the solution isn’t even a box!

See our Case Study Thinking Outside the Bag

It all starts with relationship building – with our clients and with our vendors – to provide outstanding customer service. We meet with clients to identify specific organizational needs, goals and priorities and to gain perspective on long-term strategies. We then create a customized presentation featuring specific items designed to achieve your goals. Above all, we like taking ideas to the next level, exceeding client expectations.

Our strong relationships with vendors mean we know who to choose for specific types of products. We know their real turnaround times. We know where to find the best quality at the right price. And because we work closely with our vendors, you can be confident that your order will be just what you’re looking for.

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