3 Hot Promotional Items

A Few of our Favorite (Drinking) Things

We were inspired by hot new promotional products at the 2015 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. There was lots to love, so we’ll start with three beverage-related items that will make your brand a hands-on favorite.

Bottle It!

Turn any can into a “bottle” in a SNAP with Bottle It. This easily imprintable bottle top snaps onto most beverage cans creating an easy to use, virtually spill-proof capped bottle. Screw on cap keeps the bubbles inside and insects out. Perfect for all events — sporting, school, camps and so much more. The Bottle It is available in a wide array of colors and can be branded with a colorful imprint.

Shatterproof “Glasses”

We LOVE this awesome reusable, recyclable “glass.” The Govino® made from food-safe, BPA-free polymer and you can take it anywhere. Poolside, picnic, party, grand opening – anywhere you want something that looks high end but won’t shatter when dropped. The stemless glass has an ergonomic thumb-notch making it easy and comfortable to grip. Choose from many styles and sizes including wine, beer, champagne, and 4 packs, all imprintable with your brand logo. The choice is clear!

Bottle Band

With the Bottle Band, almost any water bottle or tumbler is always at your fingertips. This incredibly stretchy, versatile band fits around virtually any size bottle making it easy to keep your beverage of choice with you. Especially handy for running, hiking, fitness, camps, athletic events, or anywhere you want to stay hydrated. We love this as a giveaway for memory walks, fundraiser runs and corporate retreats. Available in 6 different colors and imprintable to keep your brand front and center. Reusable over and over and over again, you can hydrate anywhere with a beverage at hand!

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